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Matthew P. Sorensen


TV, Animation, Film, Concert Orchestra, Museum Spaces

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"The composer should picture to himself the exact harmonic formation of the piece he intends to orchestrate"

-Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

about me

          I’m a friendly conversationalist, an avid runner, and a composer with music on over 80 Network TV series’ including: The Voice; American Pickers; Say Yes to the Dress; Last Week Tonight; Pawn Stars just to name a few. Since settling in Studio City, CA in 2013 I’ve scored over 100 episodes of animated TV including: Hasbro’s My Little Pony; Disney’s Packages from Planet X; & Nickelodeon’s La La Loopsy. I’ve also scored 23 episodes (parts 3 through 6) of Netflix’s Emmy nominated live-action series Project Mc2Throughout my career I’ve had the honor of working on unique projects such as the children’s story, The Little Green Shoe, narrated by Christina Hendrix, or working with Usher’s New Look Foundation. I’ve premiered two sonatas for concert orchestra, and composed period music for many historical museum exhibits such as Louisiana State Museum’s Katrina and Beyond. Finally, let’s not forget the ubiquitous innumerable films, shorts and web-series’ to which we’ve all earned many friends!



""...Matthew's first sketch was so well conceived that I presented it to the client and received their enthusiastic support for what had been a somewhat risky idea. There is no question of Matt's gifts and abilities. More notable, perhaps, is his passion."
Salvatore Raciti
Media Designer
MemoryCollective Inc.
"Matthew never stops until the track is perfect. He reminds me of myself. It is always about doing the best job possible given the time constraints. He doesn't miss deadlines. If he is guilty of something, it is working to darn hard. Matthew is inventive and infinitely curious and always driven to grow as a human, and composer." .
William Kevin Anderson
Composer for Animation
Anderson Scores Again Inc.
"I can firmly state that Matthew is a most brilliant musician, composing across all music styles, illuminating what is on screen and beyond. Matthew shows super human passion for every project he is working on, with a personal dedication to perfection of each piece he creates."
Marcus Rezak

TV, Film, & Animation

Every show or film is unique and requires a thoughtful approach when determining its' musical direction.
Essential is understanding the director's vision, developing an appropriate instrument pallet, spotting the scenes properly, and executing the underscore so that the music contributes to the story telling, while staying out of the way of dialogue.
My knowledgeable workflow can accommodate any production schedule or deliverable requirements, as well as adapt to any unforeseen changes along the way.
The success of the music score is measured through the perspective of the director and producer's, in achiveing precisely their overall vision for the work.

Music Production

Whether cleaning noisy audio, recording ADR, creating interactive content, or preparing a surround mix, the task is covered.

The studio is state of the art and has been fully decked-out with a 2020 MacPro, Adams monitors and Apollo interfaces. There is also a fully equipped 2015 rig to ensure complete compatibility.

I can promise production of the utmost quality from composition, to recording, editing, and mixing techniques.

Check out this unique EDM remix of the Yo Kai Watch theme song I did for the Psychic Spectors video game.

Concert Orchestra & Period Music

As computers continue to dominate music production, traditional practices wane. My passion for music transcends the dots on the page and I often find myself engrossed in a unfamiliar culture. As a result, I've earned several commissions to compose authentic period music for museum exhibit spaces across the country. Whether it be maritime traditional sea chanties, music of the colonial times, plantation chants, or New Orleans funeral numbers, the process involves research through the library of congress, learning to write for and locating rare period instruments, and finally recording the music and mixing in a way to preserve the intimacy of the performance. Thus bringing back to life music of old!

Creative Audio Solutions

In today's world of ever-growing technologies it's common for content to be cast on interactive platforms. I have provided interactive content for clients such as My Little Pony's Choose Your Own Ending, Yo Kai Watch', The Video Game, La LA Loopsy's Kitchen Webisodes, Project Mc2 Dj Toy, interactive audio for historical museum installations & much more.!


A brief history...

In 2009 I composed String Theory and the Universe which was premiered by the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra as the conclusion to their 9rd season. The Plymouth Philharmonic is the longest running orchestra in the country. My dear friend, the great conductor Steven Karidoyanes leads the ensemble. In 2011 I returned composing Sonata in Sea as the Overture to their 96th season. I must say it is quite unnerving to see ones name in between Beethoven, and Berlioz on Tonights Program!

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